Clear Choice: The Film Trainer Joins The Madico Team

Clear Choice: The Film Trainer Joins The Madico Team

Why Madico?

One of Madico’s Core Values is: 

“We will strive for positive partnerships that balance the best interests of our shareholders, suppliers, employees, customers, and communities.”

This stood out to me because Madico has a well balanced approach to conducting business with their dealers and employees. Through my initial meetings with them so far, they truly keep the dealer in mind when discussing new ideas & projects such as assembling the Madico ambassador team. This is important to me because the dealers are oftentimes the main people who have a strong pulse on the marketplace. 

By listening more to our dealers, we are able to identify common challenges and assist in providing the resources and solutions to manage these challenges. 

The more problems we can solve as Madico, the easier it becomes for the independent dealers to grow in their communities. 

When did you start with Madico?

I accepted the role In December 2022. I officially start in Jan 5, 2023— the 1st day of Tinter Battles™ 2023. There is no better way to start the year off with a great community! Looking forward to representing the Madico brand at The League Of Trainers doing trainings, and product demonstrations for the attendees.  


Are you full time with Madico?

Yes I will be a full time ambassador of Madico starting on January 5, 2023. 


Can people still hire you to train independently?

Yes, I am able to train anyone in the industry for Tint Training, PPF, & Clear Plex windshield protection film. 


You have your own personal brand. Why didn't you remain independent?

My initial intention was to remain an independent brand until I found a company that aligned with my core values. Madico recognizes my contributions to the industry and has taken a supportive role—providing me with resources to better help the Madico dealer group and industry. I am excited to bring The Film Trainer experience to all of the Madico dealers throughout 2023 and beyond! 


How do you feel about working for Madico?

It's always a beautiful thing when brands align with their visions of providing the proper support for their own dealers. For example, listening to what is happening in the marketplace and pivoting quickly to fill the gap and changing demands. Madico is open to alternative business practices in the world. 

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Madico has assembled a social media ambassador team to organically assist dealers. 

It's important for suppliers to be connected to their community and its dealers because dealers work with the products and end consumers on a daily basis. They are oftentimes one of the best resources a supplier has to make adaptive changes in the marketplace. 


What is your role at Madico?

I am full time employee and an ambassador for Madico. I will be assisting Madico dealers with modernizing their sales processes and hiring systems in addition to Tint, PPF, and Clear Plex Windshield Protection Film Training as the specialist in this category.


What is something about Madico that you learned that you didn’t know before?

Great questions—all of the films they manufacture are made in Pinellas, Florida and they are one of the very few manufacturers in the world making their films in house. Being able to manufacture your own films gives a company the advantage of quick adjustments in the marketplace. 

For example, when COVID struck the marketplace, Madico was able to keep a steady inventory because they control the manufacturing of the products. 


What advantages do you feel you bring to this position with Madico?

I have trained over 1,000 installers in hundreds of shops across the world, I am able to detect common flaws and gaps in businesses within the first few minutes of my visit from lead capturing systems to invoicing. 


Most of the time, these problems can be solved through implementing business systems like Tint Wiz App, however most dealers still need proper guidance and coaching.


With this wealth of experience in hundreds of shops, Madico and I are able to harness this insight to create programs to help our dealers in their business systems & marketing efforts. 


The Film Trainer Closing Statement

I am excited to debut The Film Trainer as a Madico Ambassador at Tinter Battles™ 2023 in Amelia Island. Madico is a company that has been around for 120 years and with their collaborative business approach—this is just the beginning. Madico is my Clear Choice.


    • Guadalupe Davila

      Where would I be with out Marco? I probably wouldnt be at one of the TOP tinting shop in Texas I can tell you that.
      Marco can say I am where I am today because of myself but the truth is, if it wasn’t for his dedication to our craft along with the leadership skills he possesses I would of never been able to reach the level I’m at today.
      Marco will simplify what it takes to tint my toddler could understand, on top of that he will push you and push you and push you because he sees everyone’s true potential even if they don’t.
      I will forever be grateful for meeting Marco and being trained by him. I had just picked up a squeegee for the first time a month prior to meeting him and now 2 years later here I am kicking it with the elites!
      Good luck on your new journey Marco Madico Is lucky to have you !!

    • Fresh Window Tint

      My brother! May God bless you on this new journey you’re on. You always add value to any brand you attach your name to, and I know you will continue to grow as a person and as a brand. Keep pushing hard. The grind doesn’t stop. Madico, you got a great one.

    • David Chukhman

      Marco is definitely one of a kind. He is an extremely hard worker and an over achiever. He also understands what it takes to train, lead and help shops grow.

      I am truly happy for him and wish him the best on his new endeavors.

    • Jorge Santillan

      One word to describe Marco The Film Trainer (UNDENIABLE)

      I had advance training from Marco at Tritek and he took my tint game to the next level.

      He will brake down the steps and show you where you made a mistake and how to fix it.

      Their is no denying his skills and talents.

      I am grateful to be trained by him and shared his many years of knowledge with me and glad to call him a friend.

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