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Tinter Battles 2023 is a National Window Tinting Event & Competition produced by The Tintertainment Network.

DATE: January 5-8, 2023

ADDRESS: Omni Amelia Island Resort

39 Beach Lagoon Road

Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

TICKETS: Tickets for entry are $250/each. Your entry will cover all main meals during your stay PLUS access to all event segments, workshops, & competitions!

No upcharges, no hidden fees.

LODGING: Omni Amelia Island Resort


Anyone under 18 enters free!

2. BOOK YOUR ROOM: Click Here.

LODGING: Omni Amelia Island Resort

• You’ll need to book 3 nights in total:

- (1/5/23) Thursday Night

-(1/6/23) Friday Night

- (1/7/23) Saturday night.


Tintertainment™ is hosting a series of unique competitions & challenges.

In order to enter the Tinter Battles™ 2023 Championships Competition, competitors will be required to compete in a Pre-Qualifying Competitions.

To Enter:

• Fill Out Competition Entry Form

• Purchase & Register Event Ticket

• Book Your Stay

• Be a Finalist In Any of The Qualifying Competitions

Heat Shrink Battles returns in 2023 as a multi level competition.

LAYOUT: Heat Shrink Battles is a Singles Competition that will double as a qualifier to the Tinter Battles Championsips.

Beginning as a team vs team competition and ending w/ (1) final winner for the Heat Shrink Battle Champion Trophy.

QUALIFIER CLAUSE: The Top 5 Final teams remaining in the Heat Shrink Battles will automatically advance to the Team's Tinter Battles Championships for the World Titles currently held by Chuck Cochran & Jimmy Nance.

Yes—if you place in the TOP 5 at the Heat Shrink Battles, your team will advance to compete for the World Titles the following day on January 7th, 2023.

There's a plot twist in this competition—so be ready to BATTLE!

RULES: Each participant/team must fully heat shrink and flatten out a back window. NO creases, NO burns. Any defects within the installable area will result in disqualification. Fastest shrinker advances.

The Top 5 Finalists teams of the Heat Shrink Battles will advance to the Team's Tinter Battles Championships for the World Titles.

Any style or technique is welcome! Heat gun, torch, wet shrink, dry shrink—up to you! This contest has open rules to allow any installer to perform at they're absolute best.

Entry is OPEN to any film professional attending Tinter Battles™. Must pre-register online.

Elimination Rounds & Finals are on January 6, 2023.

Team's Tinter Battles Championships are on January 7th, 2023.

Tinter Battles™ Championships: Teams consisted of the TOP MOST Elite Window Film Professionals gather to battle it out for the Window Film Industry Team's Most Prestigious Title—The Tinter Battles™ World Championship Titles!

How To Enter:

Tintertainment™ is hosting a series of challenges and competitions on January 6th, 2023.

To enter, you must be a finalist in any competition held on January 6th.

Championships Battles for the titles will be held on January 7th, 2023.

The current World Title holders are Jimmy Nance & Chuck Cochran.

Heat Shrink Battles RETURNS!

Clash Of styles

Torch vs Heat Gun

At The Heat Shrink Battles!

Heat Shrink Battles:

Heat Shrink Battles RETURNS in 2023! Teams from around the world will compete in a Shrink-To-Shrink Competition for the prestigious title of Heat Shrink Battle Champion!

Heat Shrink Battles will be held in a Team vs Team Battle Rounds. The final remaining (5) teams will be considered the Heat Shrink Battle Finalists advancing to the Tinter Battles™ Championships Competition.

From the remaining (5) teams, competitors will continue to battle in Elimination Battle Rounds until the final winner is determined.

Wet Shrink or Dry Shrink?

Each entrant will be allowed 60 seconds to prep their rear window for Battle. Wet shirnk or dry shrink—it is up to you!

Can I use a heat gun or torch?

Each competitior will be allowed to choose their style of shrink & their preferred tool (heat gun, torch, etc).

How Do I Win?

In order to win, competitors must fully shrink the window film on a rear glass shrinking past the DOT Matrix edges.

The first tinter to fully shrink the window will be considered winner of that Battle Round.

What about film creases or damages?

If a competitor burns, creases, or damages the film within the installable area, competitor will be disqualified.

Each Battle Round will be judged by a Tinter Battles™ Referee Official.

NOTE: "The Film Trainer" Marco Cazorla won the Heat Shrink Battles of 2022 via Torch against Montana Johnson.

Tinter Trivia Game Show

NEW Contest Premieres!

NEW! Tinter Trivia Game Show

Creativity & Educations Meets—Tintertainment™ at Tinter Battles™ 2023 w/ an ALL-NEW Game Show Contest to promote "tinter'active" learning.

4 Popular Facebook Groups Battle each other as teams. (5) Participants will represent each group/team.

(1) Person from each team will meet center stage at the Podium Buzzer. The first person to ring the buzzer will be allowed to answer the question.

Each question is worth (1) Point.

Trivia Battles Round 1: Team A vs Team B will Battle for points. The first team to reach 10 points will advance.

Trivia Battles Round 2: Team C vs Team D will Battle for points. The first team to reach 10 points will advance.

Trivia Battles FINALS: The remaining teams will battle—first team to reach 15 points wins the Tinter Trivia Tint'ellingence Award!

BONUS TWIST: The FINALISTS in this contest will each be able to select any (2) tinters in attendance to create a Tinter Team to nominate into the Tinter Battles™ Championships Competition.

Yes! (2) Teams will be selected and entered into the Main Event Competition at Tinter Battles™ 2023!

Tinter Battles™ Championships

Style vs style: Open Rules

Tinter Battles™ Teams Championships

The Tinter Battles™ 2023 Championships is a Multi Styles competition accepting window film professionals from around the world and their respected methods.

Two Staging, Bottom Loading, Wet Shink, Dry Shrink—You Bring It, We Show It.

To qualify, you must be a finalist in either Heat Shrink Battles, Tinter Trivia Game Show, or GAPs Challenge.

Cochran & Nance, Tinter Battles™ 2022 Champions, return to defend their titles in Amelia Island.

Each team will have (1) hour to complete their vehicle.

Teams may choose any loading style & shrinking method during competition—we judge the results, not the process.

You must earn your entry by placing in the finals in either contest: Heat Shrink Battles, GAPs Challenge, Tinter Trivia.

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Step 1: Register Event Tickets

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