Tinter Battles™ 2023

Event & Competition • Jan 5-8
Tinter Battles™ 2023
The Getaway Of A Lifetime!

Tinter Battles™ 2023 is an international annual event hosted in the World Renowned & Prestigious Omni Resorts in Amelia Island!

Enjoy Intro to Advanced Training, NEW Competitions, Business Seminars & Entertainment Segments NEVER BEFORE SEEN plus the launch of the NEW—Tinter Trivia Game Show!

Tinter Battles™ Competitions:

Tint & PPF Trainings:

Networking of a Lifetime:

Family Friendly Omni Resorts Hotel Hosting:

World League Competitions

Singles & Teams

Tint & PPF Trainings

Kid's to Adults Welcome

Family Friendly Event

Fun & tintertainment™!

Event of Tintertainent™

Creating Lifelong Memories

Defending Champions

Chuck Cochran & Jimmy Nance
By: Carlos Olazaba
Article: Original Tinter Battles 2021 SUCCESS!

A whopping successful event sparks conversations and spreads a wildfire of influence and impact across the window film community as Tintertainment's Tinter Battles 2021 establishes a NEW pillar in the window film industry.

What is Tintertainment™?

Tintertainment™ is the window film industry's premier entertainment platform. Influencing the future of the window film community through tinters & entertainment.

Tintertainment™ produces original content, LIVE Events, Competitions, Etc. Specializing in community outreach & product/brand awareness. Through our outreach programs we have attained the most tinter'active platform in the industry today.