Tinter Battles 2022

Event Overview—Orlando, FL

Quick Info Guide:

Tinter Battles 2022 is a window tinting event & competition. Produced annually by The Tintertainment Network, it is designed to be family friendly, uniting the window film industry through tinters in entertainment.

It consists of multiple competitions and entertainment segments. The event is named after the Tinter Battles Main Event Competition where teams compete for the World Tag Team Titles.

March 19-20, 2022

Tinter Battles 2022 will be LIVE in Orlando, Florida on March 19-20 starting at 9am. Shop & venue has been provided by David Sarao, owner of Window Tint Z.

Shop Address: 389 N 17-92 Hwy, Longwood, FL 32750

Heat Shrink Tournament: Testing the fastest heat shrinker and creativity of tinters to heat shrink. There is no restrictions on what can be used to heat shrink the rear glass provided at the event.

Kid's Tinter Battles: A super friendly tinter competition designed for kid's. No experience needed! Rules are simple: Will be judged on tinting (1) window. Kid's can receive unlimited coaching during the competition from mentors and audience. Tool kits will be provided by tool sponsors.

Tinter Battles-Main Event: (5) All-New Teams compete for the World Tinter Tag Team Championship Titles. The current 2021 title holders are Mike Norng, Julieta Moreno, Robert Moreno from Houston, TX. Judging is based on the final result, not the process. Any method & style is welcome during the competition. Noise, cameras, vlogs, live-streams are all encouraged during the contest!

Tinter Battles Returns!

The event that changed the industry through tinters in entertainment—Tinter Battles returns in Orlando, FL with ALL-NEW teams competing for the Championships plus NEW tinter'active segments. Creating value through tinters & interactions—tinter'actions!

Kid's Tinter Workshop

Influencing the future •March 19

Kid's Tinter Workshop

March 19: Starting at 9am.

Cultivating tomorrow's industry leaders in window film! Kid's Tinter Workshop is designed and created to introduce window film to the next generation of tinters. FREE Admissions to kid's & adults of all ages coached by some of the LEADING industry trainers.

Tint & PPF Masterclasses

Product Demos, Install class

"Tintified" PPF Education!

March 19: Multiple Segments

Experience the ULTIMATE gathering of PPF enthusiasts, installers, and products! Learn about the newest PPF products available PLUS installation, sales, & dealer network opportunities!


Films, tools, try it all!

Tintified Tinter'actions!

The MOST tinter'active segment for tinters—EVER! Created to answer the MOST common questions asked by all tinters:

"What's the best type of tint?"

"What's the best tool?"

"What's the best sprayer?"

Try a variety of films & tools provided by different film suppliers! Tintertainment™ will have vehicles provided to test the shrinkability, adhesive strength, hard coats, color, feel—everything!

Find a film you like? Talk to a rep. Tinter Battles will have local reps from different film companies to help you answer any questions and discuss dealer network opportunities.

Heat Shrink Tournament

The HOTTEST Heat Shrink Battle of The YEar!

Bring your tool pouch, challenge ANYONE on the contest floor to a Heat Shrink Competition! Test your method and speed pushing the innovation of tinters & entertainment! See it all at Tinter Battles 2022!

Tinter Battles is hosting a Heat Shrink Tournament designed to test the speed and variety of different styles of heat shrinking and different films.

Put your skills to the test at Tinter Battles 2022 in Orlando, FL! Open to attendees to challenge anyone at the event! Get TINTIFIED!

Tinter Battles 2022

national competition

Tinter Battles Contest

The teams are currently rallying up support from family members & local communities to get voted into the World Finals at Tinter Battles 2022.

Winners announced in the Tintertainment Group on Dec. 21, 2022.

Official (3) judges for Tinter Battles 2022 Competition!

Judge: "Mean Machine" Dean Mitchell: Original Battles Legends and founders of Tinters for a Cause Foundation.

Judge: "The Wizard" David Karle, of Solar & Security Distribution and original Battles Legends.

Judge: TBD

Refs: TBD

•Jason Omoletski, Tintdude3: is the founder of Tint'er Tuesdays Talk Show, Founder of Tint'er Brand Apparel, & founder of Traveling Tint'er career path.

•Liz The Window Tinting Queen: is an author & host of "Spill the Beans" talk show that highlights the women in the window film community.

•1 Hour Limit: Each team will have (1) hour to complete tinting a car—4 doors & rear windows.

•Any Method Welcome: Each team is allowed to tint using any method preferred. Bottom loading, panel pulling, 2-stage, Torch Shrinking—the more methods the better!

•Any Tools Welcome: Each team is allowed to use any tool to get the job done and up to standard.

•Cleanliness: Teams are required to clean up area around the car and wipe down door panels from excess water. Referees are allowed to remind teams.

•No Physical Interference: Teams and audience are not allowed to physically interact or aid with the tint installations.

•Tinter'actions Welcome: Audience is encouraged to make suggestions & offer verbal support to the teams during the competition.

•Film Selection: Teams will have the options of choosing any films from the boxes provided by Film Sponsors.

What's Tinter Battles?

Tinter Battles™ is a NATIONAL event & competition organized by The Tintertainment™ Network. It was established in 2021 in Houston, TX.

Watch the video below for the Tinter Battles Recap and Read the OFFICIAL Article of the historic & original Tinter Battles!