VICTORY: Window Tinter Donnie Dixon Destroys Cancer!

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Donnie Dixon, a window tinter whose life was halted and put on pause after being diagnosed with Ampullary Cancer, reached a monumental goal on May 27, 2021. Donnie completed his last round of chemotherapy and rang the bell that symbolizes the victory over cancer!

Donnie’s focus has now shifted to gaining back his energy, feeling as normal as possible and finally getting out to meet everyone that will be at Tinter Battles Event. When speaking to Donnie, he mentioned that chemotherapy really takes a toll on his body. So for him finishing his last round of chemotherapy motivates him on his road to recovery. 

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Donnie has not tinted since the day before his surgery in October 2020, he is “excited and looking forward to getting back into the shop” and like many tinters say, “sling some film”. Stepping back from tinting temporarily has allowed him to learn about influential people in the window film industry through their podcasts and live shows. Donnie states, “ I love hearing everyone’s stories of how they got started and where they are now”. Tinters from all over the world and all walks of life have rallied around Donnie to show support and Donnie is eager to meet many of the individuals that have reached out to him via social media. 

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Donnie is more than excited to attend the Tinter Battles Event that will occur in Houston, Texas on June 12th and 13th. He will be accompanied by many members of his family, along with his mother who he has not seen since his big move to Texas and his battle with cancer began. Everyone is elated to attend an event that has highlighted him in this tumultuous journey that has unified so many in the film industry. 

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With his new nickname and victory over cancer, Donnie “The Destroyer” Dixon just might make his return to window tinting at Tinter Battles 2021 Main Event.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Donnie for beating cancer, from all of us here at Tintertainment!

Let's help Donnie "The Destroyer" Dixon DESTROY those medical bills! Donate now at:


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