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International Event & Competition

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What is Tinter Battles™?

Tinter Battles™ 2024 is a family-friendly international Window Film event held annually, gathering the Window Tinting, Paint Protection Films Professionals and prospects from around the world for 3 days of Education, Business Development, Competitions, & Entertainment.

Tinter Battles™ 2024 is both a LIVE Event and Online Streaming Show held in the ALL-NEW Wiz Castle in Orlando, Florida AND broadcasted on Social Media platforms to international audiences around the world.

Event & Show Dates: April 18-20, 2024

Wiz Castle Orlando, Florida

389 N 17-92 HWY, LONGWOOD, FL, 32750

Tinter Battles™ 2024 Admission Ticket

Tinter Battles™ 2024 Admission Ticket

Regular price$250.00

League Of Film Trainers

ALL FILMS Training Seminar

League of Film Trainers RETURNS to Tinter Battles with ALL-NEW Industry Trainers for Auto Window Tint Films, Paint Protection Film & Flat Glass Architectural Window Tinting!

WHO IS IT FOR? This is a great opportunity for individual installers aiming to expand their skillsets and/or try new products, perfect for businesses wanting to train their teams, or film brands supporting the growth in their dealer base.

Hands On Trainings Available: Automotive Window Tinting, Paint Protection Films, Architectural Window Tinting. To access the trainings provided at Tinter Battles™ 2024, each attendee must purchase a general admissions ticket. No further purchases required.

An ALL-STAR Lineup of TINT & PPF Professionals from popular industry brands forming the team of — League of Trainers! Trainings Are Included w/ Your Entry Ticket.

Participating Film Trainers announcement coming soon!

Window Tint Competitions

innovation meets tintertainment™

Heat Shrink Battles!

1 on 1 Competition, All Shrink Styles Welcome

Squeegee Battles

1 on 1 Squeegee Technique Competition

Reverse Roll Battles

Team's Elimination Series Contest

Tinter Battles Competitions

Tinter Battles 2024 will feature a series of competitions designed to test specific skill sets in the art of window tinting. Tintertainment™ is debuting never-before-seen contests and challenges guaranteed to be a stand out in the window film industry and topics of discussion for generations.

Welcome to Heat Shrink Battles, the ultimate 1-on-1 window tinting competition testing professionals' speed and skill in heat shrinking window film.

Competitors, armed with their preferred techniques and tools, race to place and shrink film flawlessly past the DOT Matrix.

The rules are simple: 60 seconds prep, no film on glass, and a strict ban on creases or burns. The fastest shrinker advances. Any shrink style or technique is welcome, making this an open platform for every installer to showcase their best.

Open to all film professionals at Tinter Battles™, Heat Shrink Battles is where expertise and innovation converge in the world of window tinting. Join the competition, bring your A-game, and let the Heat Shrink Battles begin!

Heat Shrink Battles 2024 is Brought To You By Autobahn & XPEL!

Welcome to Squeegee Battles, the ultimate one-on-one competition designed to showcase the technique and speed of glass squeegeeing.

In this intense contest, competitors face off to determine who can masterfully squeegee a window in a single stroke.

The rules are straightforward: each participant has 30 seconds to lather up their glass with a provided soap solution.

Competitors must use the provided squeegees. Once the contest begins, competitors must execute the squeegee pattern without lifting the tool; any deviation leads to disqualification.

The first competitor to fully achieve a streak-free, fully squeegee-clean glass first wins.

Join us for a thrilling showcase of precision and speed at Squeegee Battles, where one swift stroke can make all the difference!

Squeegee Battles 2024 is Brought To You By SolarFX - Feel the FX!

Night to Remember

Eve of Tintertainment™

ALL-NEW Evening of Tintertainment™ Segments are guaranteed to be the nights to remember as industry talent takes The Grand Stage w/ LIVE Performances & Karaoke!