Virtual Window Tinting Competition Launches For Tinter Battles

Virtual Window Tinting Competition Launches For Tinter Battles

BREAKING GROUND: NEW Virtual Window Tinting Competition 2024 Launches On The Road To Tinter Battles 2024 at the Wiz Castle! 

Are you ready to showcase your window tinting skills and compete on a global stage? Tint Wiz and Tintertainment™ Events proudly present the Virtual Heat Shrink Battles Window Tinting Competition!

The Virtual Heat Shrink Battles Window Tinting Competition is a virtual tournament open world wide to any and all competitors willing to showcase their skills. The objective is to fully shrink a rear window on a 4 Door Sedan, 2010 Model & Newer. Competitors must stay within the quality standards established in the rules. All styles and all shrink tools are welcome.

The fastest shrinker at the end of the contest period is awarded a FULL Ride, All-Expenses Paid Trip to the finals at Tinter Battles 2024 International Window Tinting Competition in Orlando, FL! 

Virtual Heat Shrink Battle Window Tinting Competition is Brought To You By Tint Wiz! Tint Wiz is an all in one CRM system to maximize efficiency for Shops in the Tint, PPF, Wraps, & Coating Industries! 

This competition presents a unique opportunity for window film professionals to learn, engage, and connect with members around the world serving as a platform to demonstrate the versatility and diversity of technique in the Window Film Industry. 

This is not just any competition – it's a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the prestigious Tinter Battles International Competition in sunny Orlando, Florida on April 18-20, 2024 held in the ALL-NEW Wiz Castle!

The trip and prize is fully sponsored by the Tint Wiz App! Tint Wiz is a full scale business CRM operating system designed to manage shops. From lead capture, to scheduling, to invoicing and payment processing plus everything in between — IT’S IN THE APP! Tint Wiz App. 🚀

Competition Rules

Objective: Heat shrink tint on the back window of a 4-door sedan 2010 Model & up (NO hatchbacks) flattening/carding the film beyond the DOT Matrix or plot line minimizing excessive tension or ripples on the film. All entries must be submitted on the Facebook Window Tint Competitions Group by video and adhere to the video guidelines listed below on this page. 

All heat shrink battle entries MUST BE VISIBLY TIMED in the video to ensure accurate timing. The competitor is responsible for starting and stopping the timer to submit their timed entry for review and acceptance. 

Tool and Shrink Style: Competitors have the freedom to choose any tool and shrink style for the competition. Heat Guns, Torches, Wet Shrink or Dry Shrink — all is welcome.

Window Film Type: Any brand is accepted as long as it is within a 30% - 35% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) for the visibility to show through to the DOT Matrix edge while filming the post quality review. 

Vehicle Type: Any standard 4 Door Sedan 2010 Model & Up is accepted.

Judging Criteria: (3) Experienced judges will assess each entry based on the quality of the finished product and adherence to the specified criteria. Every entry will undergo a review and voting process. Every video entry that is accepted will be scored based on the timed shrinks. The (3) Judges Scoring this contest is: Roberta Rodriguez, David Karle, The Texas Squeegee. 

If a video entry gets declined, the competitor will be notified with the reasons fully disclosed allowing unlimited entries to correct their submission into the contest. 
We want to allow as many competitors to enter and showcase their talent while maintaining fair treatment across the the competition. 

Prize: The fastest shrinker at the end of the contest period will receive a fully sponsored trip by Tint Wiz to the World Finals at Tinter Battles 2024 International Window Tinting Competition in Florida. This prize covers all expenses, ensuring you have an unforgettable experience in the heart of the window tinting world. For more info on Tinter Battles 2024, click here. 

Video Upload Rules & Guidelines


How To Upload Video: Competitors are required to upload a complete, timed & unedited video to the "Window Tint Competitions" Group for all entries, NOT to exceed 5 minutes in length.

Competitors are ALLOWED to prep their window and have the film pre-rolled PRIOR to the video starting.

A visible timer must be present throughout the shrink, starting at the initial entry. After fully shrinking the tint, competitors must audibly call "TIME!" and stop their timer for documentation.

At the beginning of the video, tinters must state their full name, the year, make, and model of the vehicle, along with the brand of the film they are using. Please have your film in hand at this time. Once you are ready, start your timer and you may begin laying and shrinking your film. 


Verify Your Shrink:

After completing the heat shrink, stop the timer and THOROUGHLY DISPLAY EACH QUADRANT of the tinted window to verify that the film was not damaged or creased during the process, providing proof of a successful and undamaged tint to be considered an accepted entry. 

Any entries with excessive tension or ripples in the film as judged by the Tinter Battle Judging Panel will not be accepted so shrink wisely! 

Disqualification Criteria:

Videos that do not adhere to the specified criteria will not be accepted. Participants will be notified of the reasons for disqualification, allowing them to understand the issues and providing an opportunity to submit a revised entry. There are NO LIMITS on the number of entries, so feel free to perfect your technique and submit multiple entries.

Scoreboard Display: The top competition times will be displayed on the Facebook Group Cover providing a transparent score board 

The Virtual Window Tinting Competition 2024 is your chance to shine in the world of window tinting. Sharpen your skills, choose your tools wisely, and may the best shrinker win! Good luck! 

Click Here To Enter The "Window Tint Competitions" Group And Enter The Battle!

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