Window Tint Entertainment: NEW Group Launch by Tintertainment™

Window Tint Entertainment: NEW Group Launch by Tintertainment™

The "Window Film Industry Spotlight" grows & expands as Tintertainment™ Launches a NEW Public Facebook Group—Window Tint Entertainment

Partnered with its sister Facebook group ("Tintertainment Group") Window Tint Entertainment is the public branch of The Tintertainment™ Group Platforms. 

"Tintertainment Group" is a private group on Facebook where the window tinting community socializes and networks with each other. It has been one of the bedrock platforms that has created the fertile environment where window tinting meets entertainment—creating the most memorable moments and pieces of window tint related content.  

The extraordinarily positive feedback, influence, and energy that has been created by the members & community participating in the Tinter Battles™ 2022 National Event & Competition has led to a growing presence amongst the South American Continent audiences.

The demand for a public group, with content accessible from anywhere in the world without the permission of admins to access "Tintertainment Group" has been exponentially increasing. Content posted in Window Tint Entertainment will now have the full backing & potential of going viral. 

As a fully public group, The Tintertainment™ Network ensures that the private entity "Tintertainment Group" will remain private and consists of industry professionals and close family members and friends. 

Window Tint Entertainment (WTE) Group will not require permission of admission. Any form of content posted in the group will be globally accessible and shareable.

As a platform that firmly believes & encourages individuality, WTE Group remains unrestricted in styles of content so long as it meets Facebook Community Guidelines.  

WTE does not require sponsorships to promote. Any company, product, brand, or startup is allowed to promote and announce their launches. 

WTE will serve as a promotional boost to any charitable groups, foundations, &  events. 

Tintertainment™ is a platform of global impact that supports positivity, encouragement, growth, & prosperity for window film leaders, THEN, NOW, & FOREVER. 




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