Window tinter lends a helping hand to father of newborn twins

Window tinter lends a helping hand to father of newborn twins

Life can come full of surprises and unexpected turns and for Hoss Evans, it was twice the surprise! 

Brandon “Hoss” Evans, also known as “Slinging Hoss” is the owner of XTREME Shades in North Carolina. Known for his contributions as a WFR admin & moderator, he is well respected in the window film community by his peers. Hoss & his wife were pregnant with twins with an expected due date of June 18. However, life had different plans when Hoss’ wife’s water broke on Friday, May 7 around 6:30am. The Evans family welcomed two beautiful and healthy girls born at only 34 weeks. 

Hoss had originally reached out to David Karle of Solar Security & Distribution months ago to start planning ahead and have his window tint shop taken care of when the time came to deliver his new born babies in June. Plans were made for David Karle to train Hoss’ helper to install automotive window film so that when the time came, shop production wouldn’t come to a complete halt. 

Friday morning Hoss made a call to Tabitha, his shop helper, to inform that he needed to take his wife to the hospital. With a weekend full of appointments, the decision was made to cancel/reschedule all the customers. Immediately, Hoss got on the phone with David Karle and informed him of the situation. 

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David Karle is a pillar in the window film industry, someone who steps up to the plate with no hesitation when it comes to lending a helping hand for fellow tinters. With the news of unexpected twins, Karle dropped his plans and made arrangements for the following Monday to fill in for Hoss at XTREME Shades, LLC.

“I would do this for anybody”, David Karle states that he is in a position where he can jump in and help those in need without it taking away from him. He doesn’t just see this as an opportunity to help, but an opportunity for a new learning experience. A new environment can challenge even the most seasoned of window tinters, “ Window tinting is insanity. We do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. There’s no way you can work at someone else’s shop and not walk away from learning something new.” 

For Evans, having Karle drop his plans within a moment's notice and jump in, is something overwhelming. He was reassured by Karle that everything would be taken care of while he was away, and to focus on the new additions to his family. This act of kindness reassures Hoss that there are still good, and kind people in the window film industry and in the world. 

Congratulations to Brandon Hoss on behalf of the Tintertainment Team and Window Film Community! Thank you to David Karle.

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