TB23: Concerts, Comedy, & Arrests — Welcome Ceremony TINTIFIES

TB23: Concerts, Comedy, & Arrests —  Welcome Ceremony TINTIFIES


January 5th, 2023

On the first day of Battles — Tintertainment brings to you: A concert, a comedy skit, & an arrest made on the premises all within the first 20 minutes of the event — this is going to be one memorable show that no one expected to experience.

tinter battles 2023 tintertainment omni resorts amelia island window tinting competition

Tinter Battles 2023 was hosted in the Award Winning Omni Resorts in Amelia Island Florida. Beginning with a “tintimate” dinner reception — audiences from around the world warmly greeted each other, but no one expected what was to come next. 

The food was served, the plates were hot, and the energy was buzzing — ah yes, the crowds were pouring in as they were settling in from their flights & drives into the Omni Resorts Amelia Island.  

tinter battles 2023 tintertainment omni resorts amelia island window tint competition

Inside the Magnolia Ballroom there it was — The Battle Arena, surrounded by a metal barricade that encased the official competition vehicles to be used in the Tinter Battles Competitions. Suspended into the air — an advanced lighting system w/ over 36 rotating interchangeable lights. 

tinter battles 2023 window tinting competition omni resorts amelia island

At the far opposite end of the entrance, connected to the Battle Arena, lay The Grand Stage. (3) Massive Screens with rear projection & advanced lighting systems wedged behind a 2’ tall stage platform. 

tinter battles 2023 window tinting world championships competition

Dinner began at 7PM with a countdown timer on the giant screen — What happens at 0? The audience waited in anticipation as they were serenaded by famous Tik-Toker and violinist — Sebagabo (Sebastian). 

Timer hits 0, lights gradually dim and the speakers began to tremble as the sound builds like a swelling ocean. The Tinter Battles Official Launch Promo fills the Big Screen:

Promo Ends, lights low as the speakers come roaring back up. Entering the stage is El Magic (also a window tinting professional) as he captivates the audience with an original song he composed for this event — El Magic Intro.

el magic tinter battles 2023 window tinting championships competition

A natural with the audience, El Magic commanded the stage with a strong presence. Following his performance, The Texas Squeegee entered the stage to welcome the audience to the show and reveal the Latin Community Video Message: an International project from 8 countries collaborating to communicate one unified tinter message: We Wish all of the competitors good luck in this contest. Video was organized by Rafa “El Father De Los Tintes” from Liautopartes in Colombia.

Following the Latin Message, Tintertainment™ produced a Tinter Trivia Original Skit that debuted the launch of Tintertainment’s newest character — Window Film Historian Reilly Oldsman, a character to honor the rich history of the Window Film Industry performed by Window Tinting Industry Veteran — Aflredo Olazaba.

Oldsman (character)  was not invited to join the All-New Tinter Trivia Contest, an educational contest where Education Meets Tintertainment Fun. The Texas Squeegee was quick to assure Mr. Oldsman that this was not the “tintention” and invited him to a spontaneous Trivia for the evening with the first question:

tinter battles 2023 welcome ceremony

Does the tint go on the inside or the outside?

OLDSMAN: Well, that’s an easy one. It has to go on the outside of the glass because you can’t open up the glass and put the tint on the inside. C’mon boy. In fact I tinted the Queen’s Carriage because she wanted privacy for this one time that I …. 

TEXAS SQUEEGEE: Whoa Mr. Oldsman — Family Friendly, right? Let’s move on to the next question.

tinter battles 2023 window tinting competition tintertainment

What’s Better: Two Staging or Bottom Loading?

OLDSMAN: Well I don’t think either work quite good. There’s more than two stages to window tinting. Now I’m more of a power bottom myself and going back to that story about the Queen’s Carriage …. 

TEXAS SQUEEGEE: No, no. Uh — let’s move on to the next question.

There’s typically two styles to shrink window tint film: Heat Gun vs Torch Shrinking. Which of the two is better?

OLDSMAN: Well I don’t know why you would want to shrink your film cause then you have to get a bigger projector to project the said film.

TEXAS SQUEEGEE: No, no Mr. Oldsman — not film as in movies. Film as in TINT. For shrinking tint, what’s better?

OLDSMAN: Well I don’t know why you would want to shrink a tent anyways, when you go camping you want to have the most space in the tent.

TEXAS SQUEEGEE: Not TENT! This is T - I - N - T … Okay, shrink. For shrinking what’s better?

OLDSMAN: See that’s the problem with your generation. If I paid for one square foot of tint and you shrink the tint I’m getting less tint than what I paid for…

TEXAS SQUEEGEE: You know what Mr. Oldsman, I’ve had it with you!

Tinter battles 2023 window tinting competition

The boiling point of The Texas Squeegee erupts as Reilly Oldsman finds himself in the choking hands of The TINT’d One. Shane Douglass, The Texas Squeegee’s Personal Bodyguard & ECW Wrestling Legend, sweeps in to separate the choke while Sheriff Tintright immediately enters the Grand Stage to make the 1st arrest of the evening. Escorting The Texas Squeegee off the stage, Tintertainment™ ends the evening “tintertainment” with its final promo. 

Welcome To Tinter Battles™ 2023

Watch the Live Stream Below:


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  • Eric Moore

    This was mine and my wife’s first time at TB 2023. She said it was completely different than she thought it would be like. It was very entertaining and something going on all the time. Also everyone was SUPER friendly!!! I had a blast doing the Heat Shrink Battles and qualifying for the Tinter Battles! This was a much more close knit family atmosphere than WFCT! I will not miss another TB!!

  • Cheyanne

    What an amazing event!! The kids are still talking about the great time they had. Thanks so much for putting on this phenomenal event!

  • Cheyanne

    What an amazing event!! The kids are still talking about the great time they had. Thanks so much for putting on this phenomenal event!

  • The Film Trainer- Marco Cazorla

    Phenomenal phenomenal event ! Great memories made for the community and lifelong relationships made! Thanks for also making it family friendly as this was a big win for myself and family. See you all again next year ! 🙏 🚀

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