Flat Glass Battles Rules at Tinter Battles 2024

Flat Glass Battles Rules at Tinter Battles 2024

What is Flat Glass?

Flat Glass Battles is a Tinter Battles’ Original Competition featuring 1 vs 1 Battle Rounds. Competitors are tasked with installing Architectural Window Film on a provided pane of glass. The first competitor to complete the task, eliminates their opponent. 

  1. Competition Format:

   - Competitors battle in 1 vs 1 Battle Rounds eliminating each other through the fastest installs meeting quality requirements. 

  1. Preparation Time:

   - Competitors will roll out film from a film handler prior to their battle round. Each competitor will begin the round with their film in hand. Once the contest starts, competitors may begin the installation. 

  1. Tools:
  • Each competitor is responsible for bringing their own tools. 

  1. Film Selection: 
  • Johnson Window Films will be providing be providing Silver Architectural Window Film (a dry adhesive film). Flat Glass Battles is Brought To You By Johnson Window Films.

  1. Methods:
  • Competitors have the freedom to choose how they best compete. Tinter Battles encourages a diversity of installation methods. Compete to win, or compete to “tintertain” — up to you. 

  1. Objective:

   - Complete an architectural film installation on the window provided including cutting and squeegeeing the film. The installation must not include any fingers, excess moisture, creases, zippers or any damage on the film. 

  1. Disqualifications:

   - Damaging the film in any way, such as creases, zippers, handling marks, will result in immediate disqualification. The designated referee will have the final say in what is accepted and who completes the task first and wins the round.  

  1. Competition Structure:

   - Phase 1: Random drawing Bracket Style Tournament Format where winners advance and losers are eliminated. 

   - Phase 2: The remaining competitors enter an Elimination Series Format. The winner of each Battle Round will defend their position, continuing to battle until full victory or defeat, with the loser being eliminated. This phase allows competitors to build undefeated streaks.

  1. Entry and Registration:

   - Competitors must purchase an All Access ticket to Tinter Battles 2024 for entry.

   - Registration for Flat Glass Battles will be available onsite at the event entrance on April 18th. 

  1. Livestream Viewing:

    - Watch the Flat Glass Battles via livestream by following @tinterbattles on social media platforms.

Flat Glass Battles is proudly sponsored by Johnson Window Films. 

Join us for Flat Glass Battles at Tinter Battles 2024 and showcase your window tinting skills! Let the competition begin!