Heat Shrink Battles 2024 Rules and Guidelines

Heat Shrink Battles 2024 Rules and Guidelines

Heat Shrink Battles Rules and Guidelines: 

What is Heat Shrink Battles?

Heat Shrink Battles is a Tinter Battles’ Original Competition featuring 1-on-1 Window Tinting Battles testing a professional’s speed and skill in heat shrinking window film. Competitors are free to choose their tool and preferred style of heat shrinking in a true clash of styles showcasing the newest developing techniques and tools.  

  1. Competition Format:

   - Heat Shrink Battles is a 1-vs-1 window tinting competition focusing on speed and skill in heat shrinking window film. Competitors battle in rounds eliminating each other through a faster window tinting shrink. 

  1. Preparation Time:

   - Each competitor has 60 seconds to prepare their window to their preferred shrink technique without placing the film on the glass. This includes preparing precut or pre-rolled film, lathering the window for dry shrinking, etc. The film is NOT allowed on the glass at this time. 

  1. Tools:
  • Competitors can use any shrinking tool they prefer, whether it's a heat gun or a torch. Each competitor is responsible for bringing their own tools.

  1. Film Selection: 
  • Heat Shrink Battles 2024 is Brought To You By Autobahn Window Films and XPEL Window Films. Film will be provided for and competitors are allowed to use either film. 

  1. Methods:
  • All shrinking techniques and styles are welcome, allowing competitors to showcase their expertise.

  1. Vehicle and Objective:
  • The competition focuses on heat shrinking tint on the windshield of a Tesla Model 3.
  • Competitors must flatten/card the film beyond the DOT Matrix or plot line, minimizing tension or ripples.

  1. IT’LL LAY Policy:
  • Competitors must ensure there are no fingers or excess tension in the film before the round begins. Officials will determine what is passable.

  1. Disqualifications:
  • Damaging the film in any way, such as creases or burns, results in immediate disqualification. The referee's decision is final.

  1. Competition Structure:
  • Phase 1: Random drawing Bracket Style Tournament Format where winners advance and losers are eliminated until 50% of competitors remain.
  • Phase 2: The remaining competitors enter an Elimination Series Format. The winner of each Battle Round will defend their position, continuing to battle until full victory or defeat, with the loser being eliminated. This phase allows competitors to build undefeated streaks. The current record holder in Heat Shrink Battles history is Montana Johnson with a 6-0 undefeated streak at Tinter Battles 2022 using a Steinel Heat Gun. 

  1. Entry and Registration:

   - Competitors must purchase an All Access ticket to Tinter Battles 2024 for entry.

   - Registration will be available onsite at the event entrance. 

  1. Livestream Viewing:

    - Watch the Heat Shrink Battles via livestream by following @tinterbattles on social media platforms.

Join us for Heat Shrink Battles at Tinter Battles 2024 and showcase your window tinting skills! Let the competition begin!