Squeegee Battles Rules & Regulations

Squeegee Battles Rules & Regulations


What is Squeegee Battles?

Squeegee Battles is a Tinter Battles’ original competition featuring 1 vs 1 Battle Rounds. Each competitor is tasked with fully squeegeeing a lathered window in one single stroke without leaving streaks or water on the glass. The fastest competitor that beats their opponent advances and the losing contestant is eliminated. 

  1. Competition Format:

   - 1-vs-1 Battle Rounds. The winner of each round advances and the losing competitor will be eliminated. 

  1. Preparation Time:

   - Each competitor has 30 seconds to fully lather their window. 

  1. Tools:

   - Competitors will have an official squeegee provided for them during competition to use. 

  1. Methods:

   - Any squeegee stroke style is accepted so long as it is completed in one single pass and the squeegee does not lift the glass during this time until completion. 

  1. Objective:

   -  Each competitor is required to fully squeegee a window using only ONE SINGLE pass for the entirety of the window. No streaks or residual moisture will be accepted. Competitors will display their expertise in the speed and squeegeeing technique.


   - Glass must be streak free to be accepted as a completed entry. Any streaks left behind will result in a disqualification. 

  1. Disqualifications:

   - Lifting the squeegee before completing the full pass will result in a disqualification. Any streaks left behind from improper squeegee technique will not count towards a completed entry. 

  1. Competition Structure:

   - Phase 1: Random drawing Bracket Style Tournament Format where winners advance and losers are eliminated until 50% of competitors remain.

   - Phase 2: The remaining competitors enter an Elimination Series Competition, battling until victory or defeat, with the loser being eliminated. This phase allows competitors to build undefeated streaks testing endurance.

  1. Entry and Registration:

   - Competitors must purchase an All Access ticket to Tinter Battles 2024 for entry.

   - Registration will be available onsite at the event entrance.

  1. Livestream Viewing:

    - Watch the Squeegee Battles via livestream by following @tinterbattles on social media platforms.

  1. Sponsors:

    - Squeegee Battles 2024 is proudly sponsored by SolarFX Window Films.

Join us for Squeegee Battles at Tinter Battles 2024 and showcase your window tinting skills! Let the competition begin!