Tinter Battles Team's Flat Glass Championships

Tinter Battles Team's Flat Glass Championships

Congratulations on placing in the Flat Glass Finals at Tinter Battles™ 2024!

You are amongst the elite of window tinting professionals in 2024 and have a chance at making history as the 1st Tinter Battles Team's Flat Glass Champions!

A very "tinteresting" surprise plot twist awaits you in the finals!

Competition Windows Style: Single Hung Residential

Objective: Two team members install the top pane and bottom pane of BOTH sides of a single hung window with the provided film. Each side will be scored independently, taking the average of both scores to make the Team Score. 

Competition Format:

  (2) Heats of (4) Teams per heat will battle. 

Heat 1: (4) Teams Battles

BREAK: Judges Score

Heat 2: (4) Teams Battle



   - Competitors are allowed to use any tools they prefer. 

 Work Area: 

   - Work area must be clean and presentable for judging. 



Tinter Battles™ 2024 Judging Criteria

• Dust and Spec: 1 point

• Major Dust/Particles Area: 10 points

• Creases: 5 points per inch, per crease

• Excess Moisture: 5 points. (Water bubbles that will not cure as determined by judges.)

• Excess Light Gap: 5 points per inch per edge. Acceptable gaps 1/31 - 1/16 inch as indicated in the IWFA Architectural Guidelines.

As identified as cuts on the frame, scratches on the window.

• Unacceptable Work Area: 10 Points.
Competitors are required to leave work area clean as defined to be: Dry floor area. Windows wiped and streak free. Proper towel placement under the window frame.

TIME LIMIT: 15 Minutes Per HEAT


May the best tinter win! GOOD LUCK.