The Texas Squeegee™

Announcer & Entertainer

Professional Entertainment

The Texas Squeegee™ is an entrepreneur & media personality in the Automotive Aftermarket Services Industry.

Performed by Carlos Olazaba, The Texas Squeegee™ is a Business Speaker, Professional Announcer, & Entrepreneur holding a professional record of 19 years in the Auto Industry and founder of "Texas Tint Masters" & "Tintertainment™" Brands.

LIVE Event Professional Announcing & Commentating for Competitions, Conferences, Awards Ceremonies.

Available Packages by day or event.

Inquiries will need a consultation. Announcings & Professional Presentations are tailored for each event/appearance.

Gigs available but not limited to:

  • Live Contests
  • Game Shows
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • MC
  • Sports Commentating
  • Persona Development

LIVE Events Announcer

LIVe • Hype • Energy


Awards w/ memorability

Sports Commentary

Hype • energy • Voice

Featured Promos

Multi-Persona Media
Window Film Magazine™
Industry Spotlight!

In January 2023, the Window Film Magazine ran an article documenting The Texas Squeegee's role at the International Competitions Event — Tinter Battles™ 2023.

Educational Media

Entertaining Education